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Impact windows – also known as hurricane or storm windows – are a requirement for many homes in Florida, But they are the smartest investment for all. 

Hurricanes and other forms of inclement weather pose a threat to homeowners who live in this coastal region, and it is crucial that all residents take the necessary precautions to toughen their homes to these unpredictable storms.

Looking beyond the desirable benefits of protection from hurricanes, Coastal Greens impact windows and doors also provides additional advantages like energy efficiency and protection from break-ins. First and foremost, Coastal Greens impact doors and windows are manufactured with the technology that will fight off heat and as a result, save you on the amount of energy needing to be used in the home. Coastal Greens impact-resistant windows and doors are also so well-insulated that it makes breaking in through the window near impossible which keeps your home and family safe. The glass used is shatter-proof, which means intruders won’t be able to make their way in through the impact windows and doors.


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Coastal Green Energy offers a complete line of impact windows including casements, project-outs, bay, single hungs & double hung, fixed and architectural windows that we design to protect and resist hurricanes. If you are looking for hurricane windows and doors in Florida and the surrounding areas, Coastal Green Energy is the only choice. With our various financing programs we make it as easy and affordable so every family can feel safe and secure in there own sanctuary.

Hurricane resistant impact windows and doors are a necessity in the Florida area. Whether or not there is a hurricane warning, any individual can still be prepared well in advance when they have the most effective protection already in place! Hurricanes and tropical storms can leave disastrous results. Coastal Green Energy provides the top-of-the-line impact windows and doors guaranteed to resist mother nature at its worst.

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Another benefit of Coastal Green Energys' impact sliding glass doors & windows is that they not only protect from hurricanes and tropical storms, but they also can reduce your electric bill! This is possible because a traditional window or sliding glass door will let heat from the sun seep through to the inside of your home. As a result, the air conditioning system will need to fight the incoming heat.

Impact windows have a metal re-enforced frame and double glazing panes. With these qualities, the heat is not able to come through the glass because of the level of thickness and reflective properties. When heat cannot seep through the glass, then the air conditioning system doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain the low temperature, ultimately saving you power and money.


All of our windows and doors at Coastal Green Energy, including our sliding glass doors, are Florida approved. Having an effective, safe window is more than just taking our word for it. There are requirements and regulations for these types of approvals, which are ultimately to benefit you. We are proud to say that we pass these and that our windows & doors have the approval of some of the toughest certifications to receive.

Coastal Green Energies impact sliding glass doors and windows are hurricane resistant and can withstand winds up to 250 miles per hour. During a hurricane, there can be all types of debris, but these objects won’t be able to penetrate through the impact glass on the Coastal Green Energy windows or sliding doors.

Just like our hurricane resistant, high impact windows, our impact sliding glass doors are able to withstand break ins from intruders. Because of the design and structure of this being highly resistant, break ins are extremely difficult, if possible at all.

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